Gee Ess Productions is one of the best recording studio.  All services available like Video, Music productions house, VFX, color grading, song recording video editing, music direction, dubbing and it is one of the best production houses/studios for video editing in north India. We have the latest equipment and software along with a highly professional team to provide you with flawless and high-quality music. 


Our Services in Music

In our recording studio , We record all the latest styles and genres. Our main services are  Video Productions, sound recording, Mixing, Mastering, Color Grading, dubbing, short Movies, logo Designing, VFX, graphics, Pre-Wedding shoot, Documentary Videos, After Effects,  recording projects for bands, solo artists, and commercial projects. Tracking, Editing, Mixing, and Mastering. Design. Writers, Arrangers, Composers, Producers, Musicians, and Vocalists.


Music productions

 Are you searching best and reliable music producer for your new song?  Yes, You definitely find it here in our music productions house.  Our Team  in recording studio for composer carefully ensure that the music makes the audience feel something. For us, feelings and emotions are the keys. This is why we spend a lot of time ensuring that your composition, arrangement, structure, and performance add color to the story behind your song. We start with your vision and talents and then fill in the gaps. Most of our customers came to us with a simple demo, and we helped them turn this idea into a fully produced, marketed song. No matter how much help you want, we are here. Some of our customers are involved in every part of the process. Others gave us their ideas and let us run together.


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Services in our recording studio

Video Editing 


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Video Productions


Mixing in recording studio 


Are you searching for a reliable person for your song TO MIX & MASTER YOUR MUSIC? yes, you have been found that now. SEND US YOUR FILES

So you’ve completed the process of creating and recording every one of the components to your tune.. What’s next is blending and dominating. In this stage, everything’s tied in with taking the particular segments of your tune and getting them to cooperate in a decent mix and afterward applying the last clean that will give you that business, radio-prepared sound. What most people will in general overlook, notwithstanding, is that getting an extraordinary sounding blend begins with a strong establishment. Before you send it out to get blended, ensure you have delivered and recorded the most ideal material while keeping up with top caliber.